Frank Muler`Style Luxury Watch Case 44-45 MM


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Frank Muler`Style Luxury Watch Case 44-45 MM

Luxury Stainless steel watch strap case for Apple Watch 44MM and 45MM. Indulge in the feel of premium and luxury styling with this Stainless Steel Luxury Strap case. Build up of premium stainless steel material.
Perfect parties, formal and casual style casing. It gives your watch good safety and protection in 360 degrees. and keeps your watch from any high-impact damage.
  • Easy to use
  • Highly durable
  • Available in 4 Colours
  • Premium Style and Case
  • Available at the best prices ever

What contains in the box:

  1. Watch Case
  2. Screw Driver + Extra Screws

*Please Note:

Watch is not included in this price. This is only a strap case compatible with Apple Watch.
If you order it thinking of a WATCH no refund will be issued only Exchange will be given.

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